Three Orlando-Area Chefs Are James Beard Award Nominees

Chefs of three Central Florida restaurants are up for the James Beard Foundation's Best Chef: South award for 2014. They've all been nominated before, as have some others, who didn't make the list this year. No one from the area has yet snagged the actual title, or others like Best New Restaurant or Outstanding Bar Program. << MORE >>

Hearty Winter Meals – Yes, Even in Orlando

If we can’t fuel up over a bowl of steamy, solid, soul-comforting foods in February, when can we?

These two restaurants do an especially good job with wintry entrees. I’d sure rather eat them without having to shovel snow first. Wouldn’t you?

Le Coq au Vin

With a classically French menu in a homey trio of dining rooms, Le Coq au Vin is an insider’s winter escape.

... << MORE >>

So Now I'm Telling You to Eat McDonald's Food ... sort of

I felt sorry for the best chefs in town, truth be told. They were tasked with creating appetizers so delicious that folks would spend $250 to eat their creations, along with others, at a gala event. The catch? Some ingredients had to be the same as those used in the kitchens of the McDonald’s fast food chain.

Last night, Orlando-area food writers were invited to taste four of the appetizers, plus two cocktails. My conclusion? ...

<< MORE >>

I Beg You, Windows 8.1. Bring Freecell Back. Please!

It's not an addiction, not really, my compulsion to play Freecell. Just like Facebook -- or Pinterest, or Progress Book, or my online library account -- Freecell is simply a distraction. It's a tool for procrastination.

I lied. It's more. The simple on-screen card game is a path to calming down. If my head throbs during a writing struggle, if I'm miffed at family, if I ...
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All I Want for Christmas ... Is to be Served in a Restaurant

Roasts, nogs, chestnuts ... mess. Maybe you're exhausted by holiday prep and prefer to dine civilly this year, seated at a restaurant table, with prepared foods delivered to you, the clean-up not your concern. Here are three tempting options.

Café de France

Café de France is an intimate French restaurant right on Winter Park's main drag, with seats in the small dining room and ...

<< MORE >>

Autumn in Orlando – Four Harvest Festivals

Now that our air has gone from sultry to seductive, Orlando-area chefs are stepping outdoors and firing up their stoves. Among the best events are four that celebrate the season. I talkied about these events on Fox 35 on October 20. Those of you with Facebook can see the clip here. CLIP 

Edible Orlando Field to Feast Dinner

The editors of Edible Orlando happen to also ...

<< MORE >>

The Lemon Pledge

On Rona's rarely used Wordpress blog, she will post photos showing how different restaurants respond to, "Can I have lemon with my water--a lot of lemon?"

Take a look at the first entry:

Eat heartily, my friends,


The Newest Bites: 18th Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

The mania builds for months before the six-week Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, which, on September 27, will start its 18th year. You'll find all kinds of seminars and classes and lunches and dinners, all well-run and well-done.

My favorite part is the simplest: the marketplaces. All around Epcot's World Showcase, little kiosks serve up a trio or so of ethnic ...
<< MORE >>

The Door Bore

So now it’s doors. Every three hours, it seems, I must replace a part of my home.

Blame Florida heat and humidity, cheap 21-year-old builders’ materials or plain old age. Whatever the culprit, it siphons off loads of cash I’d rather keep. And is, specifically, no fun. At all.

Today’s project is the front door to my house. It’s a double-door, wood, painted green right now, with little glass panes. The glass gets filthy, the wood is weakening, the ...

<< MORE >>

A Funky Local Food Joint, in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has a seriousness about it. The holy sites, the prolific white-stone buildings, the religious folks in assorted traditional attire ... the place is magical, but it gives off an aura of somber. Yet the city has a hipper side, and the restaurant Mahneyuda represents it well.

According to Fodor's, Mahneyuda is "considered one ...
<< MORE >>


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